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Ensure CW Control's Java WebStart (JWS / JNLP) Client(s) work with OpenWebStart

Stephen Gornick 5 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 5 years ago 1

Oracle discontinued support for Java Web Start (JWS / JNLP) and removed it from official Java distributions starting with Java 11.

This means to use CW Control from a Linux (e.g., Ubuntu) workstation a significantly older version of Java, Java 8, must be installed and configured for use.  This is not a recommended practice, especially since Oracle no longer provides free updates for Java 8.  [I believe this impacts CW Control's Mac OS X client(s) as well, if they are JWS/JNLP also.]

OpenWebStart is an open source implementation of the WebStart and JNLP standards (JSR-56):

- https://openwebstart.com

It is still in Beta, but has an aggressive schedule to have a release candidate in the coming months.    Not all features will be supported initially:

- https://openwebstart.com/feature-table/

So CW may wish to ensure that the CW Control Java app will run within the confines of what OpenWebStart will support initially and/or assist with the OpenWebStart open source project (e.g., financial sponsorship and/or developer contribution) to ensure OpenWebStart has all the features required by CW Control.

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