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Auto Start Record Video on Session Start

Chris Paetz 5 years ago 0

I have been wrestling with the extended auditing feature on Connectwise control for some time now. I have got to keep a program running on my PC that constantly downloads and transcodes the video captures and if it stops for any reason it needs to be re-run and set up as it does not save its settings. If we need an audit video and this software has not been running we have to try and access it from the admin panel and it takes forever to transcode and download from the web site. This solution just does not work well for us.

The record video feature in the client would work perfectly for us if we could only tell it to auto start with each session. It would record each session straight to our own local storage where we could search for it by hostname. Can you please add the feature to auto-start session recordings when a session starts to the settings in the admin panel for client's that are paying for extended auditing so that we can choose to use our own local or cloud storage for session recordings.

Thank you.