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Add a Mobile Display Limit - Default to 50 perhaps

Matt @ MG 5 years ago updated by Dax 2 years ago 3

Can we get a filter for mobile phone apps for the Display Limit. Perhaps set to 50. I know there currently is one for all devices that is set to 1000. This works great on Desktop Views, but on mobile phones the app freezes and crashes. It would be a much better performance improvement for a separate filter to limit views then on a view for a desktop.

Hi Matt, 

Which device are you using? What app version is it on? What server version is your instance on? This information will help us figure out why your app may be freezing or crashing. Thanks!

Hi any update on this? I would also like to change/edit it to a 100 so that page loads faster, We are accessing via browser. Thanks!

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