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include a gui or desktop enhancement feature in backstage

james 5 years ago updated by Peter OTools 1 year ago 2

when attempting to open browser from backstage, the image flashes in and out of black.

I asked support and they said this is due to lack of gui support and desktop experience.

It would be great to be able to do this

Hi James, 

What kind of stuff would you like to do from a browser in backstage? More context about your use case will help us come up with the best solution to fit your needs. 



"this is due to lack of gui support and desktop experience." ??

I use backstage almost all the time, since I'm on charge to do maintenance on workstation and fix things while user is most of the time working, so it would be impossible for me to do it interrupting them, that why I use that often.

Now, what James said is real: Image flashes in and out of black when open any possible GUI.
Most often than none we need chrome to download stuff backstage because they are needed, instead to get complicated with command lines to do so.

There are several reason why to use a browser.
i.e. Some small software downloaded/run it from Toolbox do the same, so it's hard to follow them up working or what it's showing.

Just to give you example that I'm working right now: we can easily download Winget from winget.run (icon on the top-left), click to install it, and it's done.
After installed, winget works on command line.
There are a way to do it from command line/powershell, but it fails most often that it succeed.

Here is how it looks, flashing between white and black.

Image 1140