Control server address being indexed by search engines

Imran 4 years ago updated by Sitaram 11 months ago 3

Just discovered that Connectwise server is being indexed by few search engines namely as Yahoo and bing, this should be disabled by default. In IIS it is very easy to disable it by adding  <meta name="robots" content="noindex" /> or robots.txt file. However it seems impossible in Control server. This is a HUGE security risk, exposing our control server on internet. We need this to be disabled ASAP


Hi Imran, 

By adding your own robots.txt instructions in the Security Toolkit extension, you can help prevent search engines from indexing your ConnectWise Control site.

I want to index my Onprem connectwise control site in google search. For this we need add a single line code in home page of the site but I do not know the exact home page file. Anyone can help on this? I have used Security toolkit as well but not sure the exact settings to be done which can index my site in google. Please help on this requirement.