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RSS Feed or Email Notifications for Version Updates

Phill Holbrook 5 years ago updated by nathan levandowski 1 year ago 4

It would be very useful to be proactively notified when a new version of ConnectWise Control is released via RSS Feed or via an email as opposed to having to periodically check the "Version Check" page in the Admin Status section.

Any update on this? I see it says Pending Review. We get email updates for CW Automate and those are nice to get when a new version is released.

This would be extremely useful. Currently, our users connect from their work laptops to their work desktops via Access. When our Cloud Access instance updates, users are prompted to install a new version of the 'Join Session' app, but they can't since they don't have admin rights. This leads to a mad scramble every time our instance updates to get the new 'Join Session' app pushed out to all laptops with our deployment tools. Would be nice to have a little bit of a heads up each time.

anyone listening at connectwise ?


It's possible to get email notifications for new versions by subscribing to the Control Output Stream from your profile here in the UserEcho system.

Also, I found a great script for automatically updating connectwise control server Auto-Update ConnectWiseControl : ConnectWiseControl (reddit.com)