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Bulk deploy Chrome OS devices.

Jeremy Smith 5 years ago updated by Bart 4 years ago 3

We have 1500 Chromebooks that we would like to push this out to. Please allow an option to deploy to auto-deploy to Chromebooks. I understand we can install the apps through G Suite, I am referring to adding to our site and applying tags.  Thanks!


Just chiming in that this feature would be very handy for us as well.  We have over 4000 Chromebooks and could especially come in handy for e-learning days during inclimate weather or school shutdowns to help troubleshoot student issues at home.


Definitely need this - the ability to not just deploy the app, but deploy the configuration (through a .json file or something, as we've done with other Chrome apps) to Chromebooks, along with filters based on OU/etc, is absolutely key. Count this comment as another 11 votes for my colleagues that I don't want to make setup an account here to vote this up.