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Bulk deploy Chrome OS devices.

Jeremy Smith 4 years ago updated by Bart 3 years ago 3

We have 1500 Chromebooks that we would like to push this out to. Please allow an option to deploy to auto-deploy to Chromebooks. I understand we can install the apps through G Suite, I am referring to adding to our site and applying tags.  Thanks!

Available in Version:

Just chiming in that this feature would be very handy for us as well.  We have over 4000 Chromebooks and could especially come in handy for e-learning days during inclimate weather or school shutdowns to help troubleshoot student issues at home.


Definitely need this - the ability to not just deploy the app, but deploy the configuration (through a .json file or something, as we've done with other Chrome apps) to Chromebooks, along with filters based on OU/etc, is absolutely key. Count this comment as another 11 votes for my colleagues that I don't want to make setup an account here to vote this up.