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Triggers Connection.Duration

TecMate 4 years ago updated by Simon 4 years ago 1

First I want to say the new Triggers interface is great! Really liking it so far and was able to implement a trigger to our time-tracker's API.

The problem I'm facing is that there isn't a property for Connection.Duration and my time tracker requires a duration value.

If the trigger is activated with: Event.EventType = 'Disconnected' AND Connection.ProcessType = 'Host'

I can get the session start time with {Connection.ConnectedTime}

and an end time with {Event.Time}

But our time-tracker's API requires a duration value.

Would be great to have {Connection.StartTime} {Connection.EndTime} and {Connection.Duration}

I know from using the extension, Report Generator, that Connection.DurationSeconds exists. I've just tried referencing that in a trigger but it doesn't seem to work...