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host client toolbar resizing option

David Kemp 5 years ago updated by jhardwick 5 years ago 2

We are using an application to help us rotate passwords for accounts and the add-in is attached to the Helper dropdown. Currently adding more than one login name appears in a small window that doesn't operate well. I would like to see a feature to customize the size of the top toolbar function for each individual tab. That way we could display out multiple logins that might be required for any particular client or computer

Hi David, 

We'll keep the option to resize the host client, and more specifically the helper, as a feature request. 

However, wanted to suggest trying to dock your host client to see a longer version of the helper and hopefully a few more logins in your password manager. 

Hope this helps!



David's one of my guys so as a point of clarification...

The problem with the side dock is that you can't go full screen with the remote session and keep it docked on the side.  As soon as I maximize the window the helper dock goes away.  

I just discovered I can go back to the top and it pops back up, but maybe an option to just have those stay present even when full screen along with the ability to take the helper pod and pop it out to a full browser window when needed.