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Restore ability to create custom Additional General Information extension

Mike Dunn 4 years ago updated by Mike Myers 4 years ago 2

I recently spoke with a support agent and they told me that the Additional General Information extension is being depreciated because "...that extension was deprecated. We built part of that doc into the product".  We used that extension to provide detailed information for our environment in a convenient easy to find location. It would be great if we can get that info added again.


If we can't get this access to build this extension can you please add information for:

Last Boot - $lastboot = gwmi -Class Win32_OperatingSystem ; $lastboot.ConvertToDateTime($lastboot.LastBootUpTime)

SMART info - gwmi -Class Win32_DiskDrive | select status

Boot Drive type - $hd = gwmi -Namespace root\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Storage -Class 'MSFT_PhysicalDisk' -Filter 'DeviceId=0' | select mediatype

if ($hd.mediatype -eq 4) { $hdtype = 'SSD'} elseif ($hd.mediatype -eq 3) {$hdtype = 'HDD'}

Bitlocker Status - Get-WmiObject -Namespace ROOT\CIMV2\Security\Microsoftvolumeencryption -Class Win32_encryptablevolume -Filter "DriveLetter = 'C:'" | select protectionstatus

Last WindowsHotfix - gwmi Win32_quickfixengineering -Filter "Description = 'Security Update'" | select -last 1 | select HotFixID, InstalledOn


Also Bios Version wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion