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Add ability to config client-side proxy during installer build

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Partner wants to "bake in" proxy settings instead of using the tray icon on the client.

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This would be really helpful. One of the issues with having the option only available via the tray is we hide the tray from clients machines and even if we unhide it, it only works when logged onto the console which is hard to do remotely.

We have been deploying through LabTech and have a number of of systems we can't use ScreenConnect on as they are behind proxy servers. With LabTech it is an easy change with either a template or registry changes.

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Considering for Future Release

Support for PAC files would be highly appreciated.


Any update on this?


it will be really beneficial to add the ability to config client side proxy during installer


I can't believe this is not a feature, how am I supposed to access clients that must go through a proxy without editing each computer manually. Its completely ridiculous! Even splashtop has setting you can edit in the registry making it easy for mass deployment. 

Could you at least provide us a command line option to set the proxy post install? Then users could script the install and the proxy setup. I'm trying to give someone support today and we can't even get access to the console session to set the proxy via the tray even with RDP. 

Why does this have to be so painful?