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Need to Find a new way to Hook Into the Screen to avoid the "Screen Recording" Permissions

Headbolt 5 years ago updated by Simon 4 years ago 2

Since Catalina, ScreenConnect has been broken by the new "Screen Recording" SPP Section.

For any Enterprise, manually Allowing this permission is a No Go, and the implementation of this Section does not allow a Configuration Profile to do this for us.

Apple Remote Desktop does not fall foul of this, and Apple have assured us they are not White-Listing their own Products and examination of the SPP Database seems to bear this out.

Apple have, and other vendors claim to have (though nothing but a few buggy betas are in circulation) another way to Hook into the Screen that is more secure and does not fall foul of this. 

ConnectWise need to either develop this as well, or at least have a dialogue with Apple and determine a way around this, or ScreenConnect becomes a useless product for any decent sized Enterprise that cannot Physically visit every MAC to allow the permission manually, and for security reasons does not allow Users access to change such settings themselves.

We need something like this for macOS 10.15 Catlina. Better yet would be the ability to add our company name and logo so they know it is coming from us.

v20.4 has this. See the first entry here:


The only snag is that you can’t change the logo... They should’ve added that option in the Client Resources section of the Appearances page