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Create new listings when using a company image on multiple devices

Break it til it works 4 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 4 years ago 1

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this request, but I'll drop it here and hope it gets to the right people.

Long story short, I work for an MSP, and we service several different types of clients. During a recent upgrade project, we were unsatisfied with the current imaging process, so I built an image for this particular client. It made things much easier, and drastically more efficient due to the specialized software they used being an absolute nightmare to install from scratch. 

Not thinking about it, I set the 'golden image' up completely, CW agent, ScreenConnect, the whole 9 yards. In the past we have been able to set up everything EXCEPT the ScreenConnect and CW stuff, and then do that after the fact. Not a super huge deal, but when you are talking about 150+ machines, the time adds up. What I would like to see (and it may already exist, and I just don't know how to do it) is when a machine is imaged, the first time it connects to the domain / network, it creates a new listing in the database using the machines current name, location (site) settings, etc. 

We ran them as they were, and some of the machines show up in the database, but it seems to randomly choose which machines it wants to show, and when it wants to show them. For instance, I can go into our database now and see 2 out of 5 machines in a particular department. I can go back in 10 minutes, and see the other 3, but not the original 2. The only solution we have found thus far is to completely remove the listing from CWManage, uninstall ScreenConnect via the uninstall tool, then re-install as if it was never there... which takes longer than just not having it baked into the 'golden image' and running the installer once the machine is in place.

Hi Break it til it works, 

Sounds like you might be including the sessionID in your 'golden image.' Check out this doc for more information. That should solve your problem.