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reboot without logging in

Wesley Shelton 4 years ago updated by Ethan Maleki 4 years ago 4

Looking for a way to reboot remote PC from SC without logging in to remote PC

Hi Wesley,

You can run commands from the host page, so you should have no problem rebooting without logging into the PC. 

when I try to create a tool call reboot .exe with notepad and use this command 

shutdown /r /c "Please allow your PC to reboot and update  Software"

I get the following popup on remote PC but when I run the command locally It works

Hi Wesley, 

Looks like you might be running into this problem with your toolbox item. The command should have no problem running from command tab on the host page. 

We run this command in command tab to reboot. It works with no issue on servers and computers:

shutdown /r /t 5