New Session Groups do not appear in UI

MikeWalker 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

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Session groups created after upgrade to 19.2 do not appear in UI.  Still not resolved in 19.5.

They do appear in SessionGroup.xml and session groups created in prior versions continue to operate as normal.

Attempting to create a group a second time gives an error it already exists. 

Prior to issue I had 12 groups in addition to defaults. 

I have no extensions installed.  

Missing groups do appear in the drop down to reorder groups, however, even placing other groups after them does not make them appear.  Manually editing SessionGroup.xml also does not fix things - it just reverts on the next update from the UI.

Hey Mike,

Please contact our support team for this issue:


Sean - I submitted an inquiry via the link above but have received no response whatsoever....?