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File Transfer Andoird Control app

Jaap 4 years ago updated by Simon 3 years ago 3


The missing file transfer option in Android is relly a sad thing for us. We use Control VERY intensive on Windows platforms, and also now from an Android device. The file transfer is so much used,  is it possible it will be added ??

Thx so much in advance !

Hi Jaap, 

Are you trying to transfer files from an Android to a PC, or to an Android from a PC? I just tested on my Pixel 3 to confirm that file transfer from a PC or Mac to an Android is possible and in good working order. 


We would like to transfer files from an Android device to a pc.

We work more and more with Android tablets to be more quicker online and give support from anywhere.

This is a huge missing thing for us :(

Yes, file transfer from an Android device to a PC is a feature I'd very much like to use.