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Add the ability to authenticate multiple AD servers

anonymous 8 years ago updated 7 years ago 5

Partner request the ability of authenticating to multiple AD servers.


This would be a huge help. Second the request!

This will help to have redundancy in our SC server, but at the same time to limit the connection attempts to a group of AD servers within the region, this will reduce some waiting times while the page is loading. Just had an issue today with the server trying to authenticate in our AD at APAC... Not good when dealing with delay and responsiveness of the tool.

That would be really great! We use to have this feature before an upgrade and it was nice not having to recreate accounts on both domains.

Hi All,

With the release of 6.5 it will be possible to set up and enable multiple LDAP/AD sources. 

Note: AD is only supported on Control server (on-premise) installations. 

Will this solution work for you?