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Requesting the ability to prevent our customers from being able to see our agents full names and email address

srosas 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 8

We have SAML set up with Azure AD. We have some security concerns providing the full names of our agents to our customers. There are several places that I have already been able to customize to show a generic name, such as "agent" instead of our agents' full names. However, not all sections have the ability to be customized. One such area is the chat message history within the app. I tried to replaced the UserDisplayNameAttributeKey as suggested by a ConnectWise Support Rep, but this value was replaced with the users’ email addresses in the chat section. Between our email addresses and the phone conversation, our customers can piece together our agents full name. So this still doesn’t resolve our issue. We need the ability to prevent our customers from being able to see our agents full names and email addresses while still maintaining single sign on.

Hi srosas, 

Might be that you're not using the correct claim in the UserDisplayNameAttributeKey field? Try using this value:

That corrected our issue! Thank you!

Turns out that since we made this change, and some of our agents have the same first name, they were getting auto-connected to the other agent's session. Is the session ID assigned based on the value in the display name field? I had to revert the changes, since this has caused major issues. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi srosas, 

Please reach out to Support for assistance. 

I did before submitting this feature request. They were unable to find a solution. Ticket #12908009

Thanks for providing that ticket number. In reviewing the ticket, it appears you only discussed your original request with our support team, not the ensuing difficulties afterward. If you'd like to reopen your ticket, Support could take a look and provide some additional feedback on your setup.

Ticket has been updated.

They said there is nothing they can do.