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Secondary or redundant login to the admin cloud portal

lmolzan 4 years ago updated by Stefan Farnik 3 years ago 1


I would like to request that you add-on the ability to add a second login for the cloud admin accounts in future iterations of your program. Trying to purchase an extra license was quite an ordeal. It took a week to get ahold of anyone in your company and then someone explained that the only way that is conceptually possible to add any kind of license is through the cloud portal, but you guys don't allow companies to have more than one user registered for access to it. I was kind stuck in between a rock and a hard place because of this today. I just think that this would make user administration easier across the board for everyone. Companies would have more autonomous control over their own accounts. Because of this they theoretically wouldn't have to open as many tickets with you guys for either question like I had or needing to gain access to the said account because there is only one and that person is gone or something. Food for thought hopefully anyway.

Thank you.

This is definitely needed. when the primary contact/admin is not reachable or otherwise incapacitated