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Prioritizing license usage

Matt O 4 years ago 0

This is for organizations with a high host-to-license-purchased ratio. You might have different levels of host roles that need higher or lower priority. For instance:

1. Field team

2. Support team

3. Internal employees

Group 1 are usually on-site, high priority hosts dealing with customer issues that require a license immediately. 

Group 2 could be IT support that maybe don't need access to a license as highly as Group 1 but are trying to resolve an issue and need to be able to claim a license over Group 3. 

Group 3 could be internal employees that have been forced to work from home because of the latest health pandemic sweeping the world. They need to access instrument PCs at the office but is low priority.

Example of how this would work:

If a host with the Group 2 role is connected to a Guest, and there are no available licenses, they should be disconnected if a host with the Group 1 role attempts to connect to a Guest.