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Assign specific LDAP user to a machine

Shawn Curtis 4 years ago updated by Simon 4 years ago 1

There needs to be a way to assign an LDAP user to a specific machine without having to have a individual groups and roles setup for each one.

Here's what I've done:

1. Create a new session group called "My Devices" with the following filter: CustomProperty2 LIKE $USERNAME

2. Create a new role called "MyDevicesOnly" with permissions granted only for the new session group

3. Assign the new role to users

4. In the "Site" field for each machine, enter the assigned user's *display name*

If you're already using the "Site" property, you can user one of the others or you can set SessionProperty.Custom5.AccessVisible to "true" in the Appearances page, then change SessionProperty.Custom5.LabelText to "Owner" and use that instead.