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Trackpad in IOS Along with Bluetooth Mouse Support

Matthew Pendleton 4 years ago updated by Express 3 years ago 6 1 duplicate

Need the Ability to use the mouse with a true Trackpad Support now that Apple has released it. Also the same goes for bluetooth mice. They should sync with the mouse cursor and work as one unit. 

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This would be for iPadOS


yes that's correct

If we need a beta tester, I'm in. 

Me too. Not sure why development hasn't picked up on this necessary piece. 

Good luck with this. This has been a pending review for years now. That alongside IOS fingerprint/Face ID support. I eventually moved to Splashtop due to this issue. The desktop experience is great and the options are wonderful, but remote support is terrible on any tablet/phone device. It's clunky and the fact it isn't supported after years of being available strikes me as incredibly lazy. Ever since CC took over, they've done almost nothing to improve the client.

If they'd integrate Face ID/FP + mouse/KB support into the mobile app, I'd switch back in a heartbeat, but after 3-5 years of 0 movement - I gave up and moved on.

I was on SplashTop and loved it. I was told there are way more features here, and there are. But, 90% of the support I do is from an iPad. I am waiting till the end of this contract to see if some of the simple things get fixed. Based on the last comment, its not looking hopeful. If there is no progress, I will be moving back to SplashTop and will not stray again. I can only hope these messages are being monitored and something is getting done.