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Change logo of Remote Workforce Client

eric cheung 4 years ago updated by Dave 2 3 years ago 4

It would be great if we can change the logo of Remote Workforce Client to our company logo.  Since we are using our company logo on our CoonectWise Control website, it is very confusing to our staff\customers if they see another company logo.

I agree completely and please combine this with the possibility to change the display name in the Windows Control Panel to our company name with a custom text setting like we already have for the banner etc.

Hey Guys, stop wasting your time with these requests it is doubtful it will ever go anywhere.  Instead just point your web guy at modifying the files and images directly.  You can reveal the source code and determine where the image is and change the html files to reflect a different color and text.  They only say it can't be done because they don't want you to brand it on your own.

+1, or +500. We need to brand this app.

Since we are already branding our website, it would be nice if we could generate the .exe directly from there which would include our branding.  i.e. logo and company name.