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Add Web connect Remote access hours of access.

Christopsnow 4 years ago updated by sheitgo 4 years ago 5 1 duplicate

Client Web connect Remote access having a hour of operation access time or limitation of how long remote access if available from the web connect access.

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Hi Tyler, 

There's an extension in the marketplace called Limited Page Access that literally prevents the Host role from accessing your instance during the hours you select. That might be what you're looking for?

Thank you! Is it possible with that extension to limit it to only select users or select computers?

I cannot install it to test now because it limits user access soon as it is installed and we're currently during business hours.

Afraid not -- at this time the extension applies to all internal users that aren't admins, and all machines. We'll keep that open as a feature request!

Fair enough! Thank you. Maybe for our request I'll talk to the department that needs this as settings up their own account with you guys.

I need the same thing. My client is requesting this for their workers to regulate their access time. With this Pandenic and working from home, this has now become critical. Please, Please add this by user