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Launch unattended access session directly from Connectwise configuration attached to ticket (without the need for CW automate)

info 4 years ago updated by Greg Barber 4 years ago 1

Currently the ScreenConnect button in ConnectWise only allow for launching an attended support session. It would be very practical when we are also able to launch an existing unattended access session directly from a ConnectWise ticket. 
After closing the remote control session, it would be nice that the connection details (including the recording) are added to the ticket. This currently works for adhoc support sessions but not (yet) for unattended sessions.
It is already possible to connect  to unattended sessions from CW Manage, but we do not have CW Manage, so therefore we cannot use this and we like to have this functionality also in CW Manage. 
Since the integration is already working for support sessions, i would think it does not require a lot of additional work to get this also working for unattended sessions.

I would like this feature as well would be really useful   Would be good to have button link to unattended Sessions associated to Server and Workstation configurations as well.  We also do not have Automate