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Allow additional phones under the Admin account, for MFA, where more than one person needs access.

fla 4 years ago updated by jhardwick 3 years ago 5

On the connectwise control login, there is the one admin account. But if two people use this resource, and MFA is enabled (as you require it), the second person keeps having to hunt the first person down to get an MFA code. There should be the ability to add extra phones in for mfa authentication.

Why don't you just make a second admin account? 

I don't see an option for that. This is utilizing their Free version of connectwise control so there is only the one main account. I do work for a company that uses the paid one, and I know they have multiple accounts - but there it's just one mfa/phone per account as well.

We have a lot of customers set up on Duo MFA for various rdp logins, for the company I work for. In their setup each 'account' can have multiple phones registered and it works great.

Then I'd assume its a limitation of the free account and probably on purpose.


I think we are talking about two different things.  cloud.screenconnect.com only allows one account as far as I know and yes that is a PITA.  However, once you are in an actual cloud instance (apparently other than the free ones) you can create multiple accounts all with their own MFA settings.