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See if user doesn't have local admin clearly at connection start

Tom Watt 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

This is a critical feature. Please make a serious consideration. We used to use LogMeIn and as soon as the user connected we could tell if they had local admin or not. What is happening is since it's not clear, and most of our users have it, and we're also usually not on the phone to ask the user to cancel the UAC box, I am literally every single day forgetting to check for local admin by hitting CTR-ALT-DEL and waiting for the user to stop trying to enter their own password and then waiting for the dialogue to time out. If maybe it said "NO LOCAL ADMIN" at the top of the screen, or maybe if the border color changed, I wouldn't have daily issues with this.


Hi Tom, 

The status menu includes a section for Last Error Message -  this will display if a Windows session can be elevated to handle Windows UAC messages.

That's doesn't work.  Most users I work with have local admin rights.  The occasional one that doesn't, I don't know in ADVANCE that they don't have local admin rights.  So am usually NOT on the phone, working out of e-mail.  So, I do something that raises UAC, and at the top of the screen I see that.. I get that. No problem.  But the USER doesn't know what I'm experiencing.. We're not on the phone, and the chat doesnt work during this.  So the users almost always try their own passwords.  Then I have to wait 10-15 minutes for them to stop doing that, then for the system to time out, just so I can hit CTR-ALT-DEL and run as a service. It's quite a problem, your competitors are handling this far better.