Add means to force users to change passwords on a schedule

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Allow Administrator to set a requirement for users to change passwords.

User Story:

Partner would like to be able to force users to change passwords on a regular basis, such as every 30 days, 60 day, etc.

expiration log_in password rolling
Pending Review

is the option for a permanent password still going to be available with this change? just wondering due to having to administer passwords going forward. is there going to be a password reminder or a way for the user to answer security questions to have their password reset and sent to their email?


Yes, the setting will default to 0 days, which disables expiration.

Users don't have an associated email address stored, though, so there isn't really a way to automatically send out any sort of password reset.


we use email addresses for the username. seems to be a practice at some other places also. so maybe something in the future.

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