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Multiple Connectwise Portal Pages

david carlino 4 years ago updated by Sean Keown 4 years ago 3

Please add the possibility to customize the ConnectWise portal view based on the Company, to allow Managed Service Providers to give each customer their own, specific, ConnectWise portal buttons.

I actually want this maybe for another reason. We have multiple support departments. Maybe something like this could be used to dump the sessions into their old bucket. 

Then why not creating a new instance and changing licenses over to that instance? Or is that thought too simple. We got an instance for our Remote Support Sessions with Standard Licensing and an instance for Server-only with Access Licenses.


We thought about adding another instance but we've already invested so much time into whitelisting our domain / ip with all of our customers. Since we support worldwide with this instance, It would be a a huge process to go back for approval from all of their security departments. (we're not using the cloud instance of screenconnect). 

This is just one issue that we face. Sadly i have a list.