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Simple Code - Session Name and Code Name to be same

Sitaram 4 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 4 years ago 5

Is there a possibility of having Simple code option, so that the support session code creator do not have to do extra clicks to create a support session? Change Code to Name option is there but this will take extra time for admin. Is there a workaround or solution, so that when I type a name, it should become the code as well for that support session. I have seen another post but the solution provided about extension is not actually working. Hence thought of raising this concern again.

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Hi Sitaram, 

Are you talking about the Legacy Public Session Creation extension? I just tested and it's in good working order. The extension does offer the option to automatically Change Code to Name when creating new support sessions. 


Hi Caitlin,

We are using support sessions. In the older versions, when we click on Create+ , a pop up will come. we enter the name and the join mode will be Simple Code. This will make the name itself the code. Are you saying that there is an extension for this? If so please help me with that.



Hi Caitlin,

I have found that extension and implemented the same. Working as expected. Thank you so much. Any idea why support did not directed me in that direction? I checked about this on multiple occasions. Anyway. Thanks.

Glad that worked out! Doesn't look like many people use that extension, support might've forgotten all about it.