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User Interface Suggestions

tannerj 4 years ago 0

Hello! We have had multiple complaints from our clients about the new user interface in llink. Below are the issues that have transpired with our clients after updating.

• Background used to have more colors and visuals, button icons were visible for links to click on.     

• Previous and Next pages don’t act like they are able to go between pages. When you hover the mouse over    Previous and Next, the mouse doesn’t change into a hand letting you know you can click on it.

Previous/Next Buttons

• When you clicked on a computer name, a separate window would open up and you could see the information about the computer. The links were more obvious to know how to remote into the computer and use other options.

• It doesn’t open up a separate window but adds it to the page so you have to scroll down to see the computer information and the remote options. Some are not aware of that and don’t realize they have to scroll down to get the computer information.

• “Wake Computer” & “Remote Access” don’t show a link when you hover over them. So they don’t know you can remote into the computer. There are also 2 Remote access links

• Clients have a hard time finding out how to close the connection now that it’s not a separate screen. They don’t see the close option on the left side of the page above the computer name.

It seems a lot of little changes have been made that has confused a lot of users. It would be fantastic if we could make some of these micro-changes more obvious for some of the users and especially add in clearer links so they can quickly identify ways to navigate the site. If you want any more screenshot please let me know. I look forward to seeing where this goes.