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Suppress Session List Display Until Depth Level Reached in Session Group

Dimitri Rodis 4 years ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 3 years ago 1

I have a Session Group (several in fact) that, at their top (or "root") level, there are over 1000 sessions to display, and when you click on that Session Group it takes awhile to load the session list at every level of the subgroups.

It would be a great performance enhancement if when a session group is defined, that you can choose to suppress the list of sessions until a particular subgroup-level of the session group is reached.

Here is an example:

Session Group: "All Machines"

Subgroup Expression: CustomProperty3, CustomProperty1, CustomProperty2

So, the root node of the session group "All Machines" can be known as level "0"

The first level subgroup (where the distinct values of CustomProperty3 are displayed) can be known as level "1"

The second level subgroup (where the distinct values of CustomProperty1 are displayed) can be known as level "2"

The third level subgroup (where the distinct values of CustomProperty2 are displayed) can be known as level "3"

It would be nice and helpful if, in the definition of the session group there is simply an input that accepts a integer value that defaults to 0, but can be altered to correspond to the level at which you wish the session group list to actually be displayed. Let's call this value SuppressSessionListDisplayLevel and label the GUI element as "Suppress Session List Display Until Level ____"

Suppose CustomProperty1=CompanyName. CustomProperty1 is used as a second level subgroup in the above example session group. By setting SuppressSessionListDisplayLevel to 2, the session list will not be populated at all until a second level subgroup is clicked under that specific session group.

This would make the GUI much faster for many users who do not use the root level to look for sessions to administer or connect to because unnecessarily large queries to the database will be suppressed in favor of more specific smaller queries that will populate the session list when the sublevel groups are reached