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Allow for local development again

William Hilsum 4 years ago updated by Simon 4 years ago 1

I'm very unhappy that development functionality has been removed from Screenconnect/Control.

When it was Screenconnect, one of the major selling points was customisation. 

I've added a few different little extensions that have worked for years on my instance. I upgraded due to the security issues alongside a MAC bug and now they aren't working.

ConnectWise's stance located here https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Developers/Extension_development_guide - is good/makes sense for distribution to others, but, I think this is a huge step backwards for people who want to develop internal tools/integrations.

I don't want my extensions to have to go through review, nor do I want to wait days for approval.

So, I'm not asking for a new feature, I'm asking that you please roll back, or at least allow people the ability to create their own extensions locally without having to go through review.