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2K 4K improvments

Karama 4 years ago 0

So when connecting from an HD 1920x1080 device to a Computer using 4K or 2K  Screen is still an extremrely frustrating expierence.  My request is jut to improve the experience and fix bugs and performance issue.  For Example on an MSI Creators Laptop that is 1920x1080 sessions to computers with 2K Monitors or 4K Monitors are almost unusable, so tiny and slow. Trying to do zoom in means i end up in a Windowed Session so i see only a 3rd of the screen.  Or i connect and can do nothing at all, Connectwise mouse is moving but mouse on the end user screen just sitting there, will not sync with the session.   I end up using remote desktop because it scales correctly to the screen i am using