Cloud Instance Monitoring

jhardwick 8 years ago updated by Michael Bannerman 8 years ago 5

I'd like to see better cloud instance monitoring. There have been easily 4 times now since I've been using SC in the cloud (about 6 months now) where the cloud has been down and I've needed to reach out to support to report it and it comes as "news".

Given that SC is a mostly web app can some automatic monitoring be put in place -- Nagios or something to watch, attempt repair and escalate if necessary the availability of the service.

Nothing worse in providing support to clients, when you tell them your tools are unavailable and you weren't aware of it in advance.

Screenconnect needs to work on its cloud reliability in general. In the few months we've been a customer, I think we've had 4 outages that I know of.

We've put together two resources to help both notify our team regarding issues and help keep the lines of communication open with our partners. The first is our cloud status page: http://status.screenconnect.com/ . Here you can see our different regional servers and their current status. We also just set up a twitter account for our cloud ops team to help notify customers of issues and updates as our team addresses events. Follow us at @SCCloudOps


Just so I understand is there just a single server at each region or is there a more granular potential outage point? ie.. my cloud instances in Nevada die.. does that mean everyone in that region is down?

Sorry I missed your last post. There are multiple servers in each region, so in theory if you're down in LV, it doesn't necessarily mean everyone is down.

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