Shorten the length of the Top Menu bar or Delay the Top menu bar pop up time in Full Screen mode

SeanM 4 years ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 3 years ago 6 2 duplicates

Perhaps it would be expedient to simply short then contact area of the top menu bar when it pops up in full-screen mode. Currently, when using full-screen mode, if you aren't quick the top menu bar will pop up and obscure your ability to interact with the upper part of the screen on the remote sessions, which impacts a user's ability to minimize or close a window in the session. 

If possible it would be really nice if the top menu bar that pops up were to be shortened to accommodate unfettered access to these controls.

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The easiest way to keep the taskbar from being "set off" is to right click on the taskbar and deselect "fullscreen when maximized." Hope this helps! Let me know if you have a further request, or if this meets your needs. 


Those are some frightening time spans.

Considering for Future Release