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Signing Android app for custom Android build

Kamil Procyszyn 4 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 4 years ago 13


as per KB https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Mobile_apps/Android I'd like to request the signing of the Android App for custom build Android. Can you please advise how to proceed?

Creating the request as per support Service Ticket: #13731407 suggestion.

Hi kprocyszyn, 

What manufacturer is your Android device? There are different rules / requirements for each manufacturer. 

Hi Caitlin,

it shows as: rockchip in the management solution.

Thanks! To sign a custom Android build, you'll need to get the platform key from the manufacturer. 

When the apk is signed with the platform key, the OS will grant these permissions to the app and the app will be able to inject touch events and capture screen data. Manufacturers sign the app to allow it access to the READ_FRAMEBUFFER/INJECT_EVENTS permissions that are normally not available to third-party apps. 

So all I need to do, is to ask the manufacturer for the platform key and provide it to you?

The manufacturer can sign the apk with the platform key and update the app -- that's not something the Control team does for custom Android builds. 

Hi Caitlin, am not familiar with Android development, which APK are you referring to, ScreenConnect?

Yes, the ConnectWise Control Android apk is required to sign with the platform key. I've attached it here. ScreenConnect_20.1.28372.7436_Release.apk

Great thanks, and once they've signed it, the signed version would need to be installed on the device? 

If that's required, would every subsequent APK would need to be signed?

Yes, the signed version of the app will then need to be installed. Unfortunately, yes, you will have to sign every subsequent APK, but the manufacturer platform key should work for all versions. Its just another step in maintaining the app in a custom setup.

Ok great, I shall pass the information. 

I take it, once the has been signed and installed, it will allow for full control, or are them some additional steps required?

The Android App needs the "INJECT_EVENTS" permission in order to inject simulated touch events into the device and the "READ_FRAME_BUFFER" to capture screen data. The app requests these permissions but usually the OS just denies the request. Once you've had the app signed with the platform key, the OS should allow this request, and allow full control.

Hi Caitlin,

thanks, we've got it signed and it's working - awesome feature! How about getting updates for the app?

Once a new version of the app is ready, we'll make sure to publish publicly on the downloads page.