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Integration and Synchronization of 3rd party products

Jason Goode 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 0


We use various products that do advertise synchronization with Connectwise, however they don't really synchronize the most effective way.

For example, we use Proofpoint.  While the vendor does advertise syncing with Connectwise, it will not actually update a current addition for each client.  What the sync will do instead will add a new addition line for each month we sync.  So what will happen is over the course of several months, or years, we'll have stacked up a large number of additions with start and end dates for every month.

This is different compared to Office365 licensing that we purchase through Pax8.  These products actually can update the specific addition which is a huge time saver.

Other products that cannot sync correctly are OpenDNS and Azure.

Whate I've heard is that its not an issue with their products. They say that the product designation by Connectwise dictates the product to be a One-Time, not a recurring.  They cannot change this as this is from Connectwise.

Can this be fixed?  Would save me hours of audit time.

Thank you