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Automatically Remove Access Sessions based on Idle time

Patrick ONeil 3 years ago updated by Alex Heylin 3 years ago 2 1 duplicate

This seems to be a bit of an oversight, but there should be a way to remove Access sessions idle for a certain time from the console. We are constantly adding new devices, re-imaging, etc. and the fact that the old sessions need to be manually removed makes keeping the console clean a bit of a nightmare. There should be an option within the database maintenance plans to remove idle devices > set number of days from the tenant. Our company automatically removes devices from the domain if they are idle for 90 days and I would love the ability to be able to remove the thousands of devices from our tenant that are not actual devices any longer.

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Hi Mark, 

While we don't currently have a way automatically remove or uninstall Access agents, you can create a session group to corral all machines offline for over a year. The filter is GuestLastBootTime < $365DAYSAGO

Note that GuestLastBootTime is  is equivalent to the Uptime field on the General tab.

You could use a script to make API calls to remove machines from this group, though we just do it manually when we there's a number in there (about every 6 months for us). In fact, you don't even need the group - script could query API for each machine, check the uptime and it sufficiently negative (offline for enough time) could then call API to end the session.