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Ability to change Access agent url for Android Access Agents

Dimel 3 years ago 0

We have dozens of smart display panels in classrooms that run an Android variant. We want to install the Access agent on these panels so we can remotely connect to and manage these Android devices. 

According to these instructions: https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Mobile_apps/Android/Set_up_unattended_access_to_an_Android_device, when we get to step 4 to have a user enter the URL for setting up their ConnectWise Control instance, an example URL we have to have them type, on a giant 85" display touchscreen, is something like: "https://hostname.com/?Session=1cdbb127-5839-4cf8-a3ed-d5e083257e20" (example sanitized URL). Is it possible to be able to have them type something shorter more human friendly, like "hostname.com/android"?