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Login Alert to Users Not Admin

Sean Keown 4 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

Right now the cloud Login Alert only goes to the admin of the platform. These notifications need to go to the technician or the technician needs to be CC'd for them to be useful. 

Example: When changing devices or locations Gmail will send you an email letting you know someone accessed your account from another location. It wouldn't be helpful if google didn't notify you the end user. 

The same needs to be done with with control. At the moment we have over 500+ technicians who's wan IP may change up to 15 times a day as they jump on and off various VPN's or travel from one site to another. If i receive 300 to 400 emails a day how am i to know which email i should pay attention too? Now if the end user gets an email at 2am that says their account was logged in from X location and they didn't perform that action then they could 1.) change their password and 2.) call the admin to ask for assistance. 

As of now, i have to filter these emails into a folder that i may never look at. Hopefully i won't miss anything important. 

I'm going to add a note to this since connectwise spent the time building the security alerts but didn't provide a way to reference the users email in the alert. 

I stand by my comment above. What is the purpose of notifying just the admin?

I agree on account lockouts but in reality you want to notify the end user in some of these instances. i.e  

Example -

System: hey user, your password was changed. 

User: Wait, i didn't change my password... Hey admin, what's going on?

System: Hey user, new login detected...

User: Wait, i didn't login.... Hey admin, what's going on?

Let the end users be our eyes and ears.. I don't mind CC'ing the admins but let the end user assist us in detected malicious activity.