Permission to connect?

rob webster 4 years ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 11 months ago 3

Have a pop up appear on our control panel that before we connect to a client it asks us if we want to request approval before connecting? if we say yes it would in theory then send them a pop up on there PC to say we ant to connect allow or reject? if we say no then it lets us connect in without warning. (this would be on every connection that is made)

I’m looking for something similar.

We have a self-hosted version of Connectwise Control.

We are a computer store and we sell many computers to end-users without much computer knowledge.

When we need to help them remotely, sometimes even downloading the client from our site is too big an ask. They don’t know how to download or can’t find the downloaded file, stay in Google instead of going to our site…

What we would like therefore:

1) have a special client version and we pre-install that with a shortcut on their desktop. That program doesn’t run automatically. They can start it manually and only then their pc should show up under ‘support’ as a client initiated support request or something

2) we install the ‘access’-version, but it would need to be a special kind. When we connect to it, it should show a pop-up at the end users computer ‘xxx wants to control your computer, is that okay?’. Also, this special access-version shouldn’t upload screenshots every x minutes. We don’t want to be able to see what the users are doing without their permission first.

Is something like this possible?