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text for TFA instead of email for all access

rtstiehl 4 years ago 2 1 duplicate

why can't we use text for TFA instead of email for all access? 

I travel a lot and text would be better than email to login even better we should have the option to disable tfa

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Actually this is not the entire setup.  You not only need to set this up, but you probably have to turn HTML off on the authentication text, change the format of said text, and if you have Verizon, it needs to be sent to a Google relay account, and then you MIGHT get texts.  

For 2019, the format should simply be: "SMS:555-555-5555" or "TXT:555-555-5555" (or wow, maybe a simple drop down option allowing for either email address or phone number in the user setup) and not have your clients have to worry about configuring 15 other things to get an extremely standard TFA system in place.  Which ConnectWise has made mandatory.  I have no issue with it being mandatory, but the system being put into place should have a few more options or be a bit more mature before forcing everyone to use it.