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Prompt Before Reboot Machine - Espcially Safe Mode

pchristian 4 years ago 0

Please put in some sort of confirmation prompt before performing a reboot of a machine.

*Especially* when hitting the rebooting to safe mode option.

And extra, extra, extra, exxxttrraaaa especially when connecting via the mobile app. Or at least rebooting to safe mode when no user is logged in or the console is locked.

I do probably 99% of my remote support using the mobile app ( iPhone). I'm actually super efficient at it. I almost never turned my laptop on anymore, and even use a cloud VDI to run apps that I can't run directly from my phone for non-support purposes. Pretty happy with Connect overall, and how to facilitates my ability to do this.

 However, I've been burned by accidentally hitting "safe mode" under the reboot and reconnect option a few times.

Enough times (maybe 3-4 times over 3 years) to make it annoying enough for me to put in this request.

This last time was a server of mine, an EC2 instance,  hosted on AWS. So not only could I never physically touch the server, there also isn't any console access through their hosting platform.

I realize that the theory is that the machine's going to reboot into safe mode with networking. After which the control agent will come online again, and you can reboot back into normal mode from there. 

However, that's not guaranteed. At least one of the times I've accidentally hit reboot into safe mode, the agent never came back online. 

Thankfully in that case I had the client physically reboot it. And thankfully in the case of my EC2 instance, rebooting through the AWS management console brought it back into normal mode. But regardless, there needs to be at least one extra "are you sure??!?" before things actually reboot.