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Send to Screen Keyboard Shortcut

Will B 4 years ago 0

I would like it to be easier to send credentials to the access client. Currently you must go into the correct area on the GUI and select Send to Screen. It would be nice to have either a keyboard shortcut, such as Ctrl + Alt + P (p for password), as you have already built Ctrl + Alt + Home for CtrlAltDel functionality. 

Ways to help IMO:

-Add a shortcut key for Send to Screen

-Create custom shortcut toolbar so that agents can have a set of common tools they use (in this case, for us, the most common tools would be a button to send CtrlAltDel and another for Send to Screen).

My current workflow:

System Admin creates the access session and saves the Windows credentials using Prompt for Storage. 

At some point, a user will come along and use the Access session to take care of the issue, never seeing the credentials. Most likely the screen will be at a Windows login prompt