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Send credentials to screen from OSX

Roudger 3 years ago updated by CompuIntegration 1 year ago 1

With the Mac client, it is not practical to send user credentials to the screen:

"Essentials" menu > "Send to Screen"

It would be much more convenient to have a shortcut button like sending CTRL + ALT + DELETE.

Or to have the proposal on the screen as from a Windows client.


version 20.10 and others

Rish (CW PM) or other CW rep mtring this request, where are we on this?  Also, we need the STORE CREDENTIALS button to function independently on Macs and be usable with a top floating SEND concept like the Windows client has.  This is 101 part of CW's implementation already as it should be.

Is there a reason this is not implemented for Macs?  Can DEV review pls since this post was 2 yrs ago.

Point by Point Items to implement:

1.) Just like with Win CTRL+ALT+DEL concept, something Mac equivalent (even if all it does is wake up Mac/show login field)

2.) Once Logged in, just like with Win having STORE CREDS (essentials menu) button actually working

3.) Whether Logged in or not or Locked, just like with Win, the SEND CREDS (essentials menu) button actually working

4.) When Logged out / Locked, just like with Win, a floating SEND CREDS top hover button