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Damon 8 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 12

Hi Guys,

the ability to send key strikes to the client machine.

For example, Ctrl + PrtScn to capture the screen of the remote machine and copy the contents of the screen capture to the clipboard of the remote machine

Sometimes I log into my office computer from home to answer emails.

It is here I use PrtScn to grab something to be pasted into an email, resized etc...

Thanks for considering



Thanks for the clarification Mhighsmith. I will go ahead and move this request forward.

FYI you can add the following VBS to your toolbox and get the results.

Set Wshshell=CreateObject("Word.Basic")

WScript.Sleep 1500

set Wshshell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Wshshell.Run "mspaint"
WScript.Sleep 500

WshShell.AppActivate "Paint"
WScript.Sleep 500

WshShell.sendkeys "^(v)"

WScript.Sleep 1500

Thanks for your submission. I was reviewing your post and we have a screen capture option in the host client. Is there a reason why the available option does not fit your needs?

Here's a link to the capture menu:


Kirsten, the issue that @Damon brought up is that he needs to grab a screen shot of a remote PC and paste that screen shot on the PC. The tool within SC does not allow that. the VBS that i put in the blog will actually run the key strokes at the remote side and paste the contents in mspaint on the remote.


Thanks for the clarification Mhighsmith. I will go ahead and move this request forward.

the only issue i see with this is that print screen now only works on the connected device. can the option bring up a choice for print screen locally or remotely?

Hi Matt,

It's capturing the remote machine because the client window is in focus. If you want it to work locally then all you would have to do is set focus to your screen (defocus the client window). Let me know if you still have an issue.