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Allow a lower screen refresh rate (for more responsive control)

David Rueter 4 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

When controlling a host that has live video on screen, even if using "Low Quality" (black and white) video quality, control can be very laggy:  mouse clicks can take 5 seconds to process.

Furthermore, screen refreshes can end up getting delayed by many seconds.

The guest can afford to have greatly reduced video frames.  But more responsive control is important,

I would like a way to configure a very slow screen refresh rate--such as a screen update every 500ms or 1000ms.  I think this would improve responsiveness of both mouse clicks and other control input, and also result in more timely delivery of screen updates (instead of having the connection be bogged down trying to send obsolete and unneeded video frames).

This is particularly important when the support session in question is being used to assist with or provide primary control of live video streaming.  More real-real time control is imperative.  Greatly reduced number of attempted screen updates is acceptable, and should allow improved responsiveness of control.

Note that the behavior I have described is true even when the internet connection of both the host and the guest is fast and reliable:  > 20Mbps up and >100Mbps down.

FYI, video has been working much better lately.  I think there was dramatic improvement when I upgraded the GPU in the host computer.  (There may have been other software or operating system improvements that helped too.)

I never got a reply on this request...but at least for my use case no further improvement is needed at this time.  Bottom line:  sessions to control video-intensive host machines seem to benefit greatly from upgraded GPUs in the host.