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Microsoft teams phone dialing

Sunny Lowe 3 years ago updated by Tommmmm 5 months ago 2

Skype is going away. Teams is here. Add the ability to dial out from MS Teams to CW. Please note: if you simply link the phone numbers in the screen to a Tel: URL, (possibliy with a second Dial Icon) the capability is already in Windows. All you have to do is have Teams Phone system installed, and have the Tel: Protocol tied to execute in MS Teams, and it will work right now.

Might be useful to have a little more instruction on this if possible? It's a crying shame Connectwise cannot get this sorted directly within Manage. 

I've just found the following script to "hijack" the skype: calling from Manage on the web to use Teams. Might help you guys...


I also changed it to a VBS Script from a Batch file so that the Command Prompt black box doesn't pop up.


Hope it helps you, it's been frustrating for us, using Manage.