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Prevent accidental session disconnect exit

Bub 3 years ago 0

Operating in "Full screen while maximized" mode the ConnectWise session menu is hidden and is triggered to reappear by the mouse touching the top of the screen.

When attempting to exit [X] a maximized application on the host system, the ConnectWise client menu can often be triggered and the client session is exited [X] mistakenly.

Turning off "full screen while maximized" is not a good solution. Users want to be *truly* full screen maximized.

Closing an application and closing the session should not be so easily confused. It takes a real effort more carefully close host applications without ending your session my mistake.

Suggestions on how to alleviate this unfortunate UX.

1) Left justify the client's Minimize Restore Close to get them physically away from the same functions of the underlying application on the host.

2) Add an adjustable delay timer for the session menu to reappear.

3) Add an optional confirmation dialog to end session.

4) Add an option for the session menu to be on the side of the screen.